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spine fellowships neurosurgery

Montreal, Quebec, Canada Additional faculty include Ian Dorward, MD, Camilo Molina, MD, Brenton Pennicooke, MD and Wilson Z. Ray, MD. Some of our research interests include biomechanics, biologics, spine kinematics, and spinal cord injury and clinical research. Fellows will have the opportunity to engage in clinical research with the intent to publish peer-reviewed articles under the direction of our faculty. These include a complex and reconstructive spine fellowship accredited through the Society of Neurological Surgeons Committee on Advanced Subspecialty Training (CAST), a neurocritical care fellowship accredited through the United Council of Neurological Subspecialties (UCNS), a second neurocritical care fellowship accredited by CAST (designed specifically for current neurosurgery … Fellows participating in the program will get first-hand experience: Treating a large and diverse population of neurological conditions. I have used this knowledge and now have an academic practice at UC Davis, in which I provide care for complex fracture, tumor, cervical deformity and scoliosis patients. I guess it does not matter at all what your background is, as long as you are well trained. It provided me with the tools to approach any type of cervical/thoracic/lumbar case. Phone: 216.444.2061 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195 |. Both clinical and surgical experience is drawn from the nearly 1900 major spinal procedures performed by our fellowship-trained orthopaedic and neurosurgeons each year. Through the NREF grant, I have completed one of the most comprehensive spine fellowships in the country. Neurosurgery Fellowship Each year, we welcome a new cohort of physicians into our competitive, world-class Spine Fellowship. Boston, MA Fellows are required to participate in monthly Neurosurgery Morbidity/Mortality, Journal Club, Spinal Disorders Conference and Spine Research Conference. While Cleveland Clinic is not a trauma center, we do evaluate and treat a variety of traumatic spine injuries and we believe this offers a substantial exposure to this cohort of patients for the fellows. 2009-11 (Research/Clinical) The fellowship’s greatest strength is that it brings together a large number of great people with a shared interest. The amount of time dedicated for research is flexible. At the same time, s/he has enough support to learn from experienced staff. The curriculum was designed to provide a strong evidence-based foundation on all topics pertinent to spine surgery. The Neurosurgery Spine Fellowship is a one year program which provides a complete experience in spine and spinal cord surgery. An enfolded fellowship in endovascular neurosurgery is available through the Neurovascular Section. This fellowship not only equipped me with the tools needed to excel as a private practitioner, but also prepared me for a career in academics. The Johns Hopkins Department of Neurosurgery offers a one-year Spine Instructorship Program to qualified neurosurgeons. Every staff member is very involved with Societies and publishing and if you are interested in getting involved you can get a lot of help here. “I am very thankful for my spine fellowship experience at Cleveland Clinic. I was exposed to both traditional open surgery, and to cutting edge minimally invasive surgical treatments. The Cleveland Clinic Department of Neurosurgery offers a one-year fellowship position in Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery. All of the staff at Cleveland Clinic are involved nationally and internationally in teaching and are members of numerous academic societies. This program is CAST-accredited. The opportunity to train under opinion leading surgeons from both neurosurgery and orthopaedics makes this a top fellowship program.”, Daniel Shedid, MD Residency: Al Ahrar Teaching Hospital, Egypt - Neurological Surgery, Yusuke Hori, MD “The Cleveland Clinic Spine Surgery Fellowship was outstanding. Applicants requesting an H-1B visa must also have successfully passed USMLE Step 3. International medical graduates must have received a currently valid ECFMG certificate in order to apply to our program. (A J1 Visa will not suffice.). The Neurosurgery/Spine Fellowship will provide the candidate an opportunity to actively participate in spine surgery under the supervision of internationally recognized faculty within the University of Iowa Department of Neurosurgery. Cleveland, OH 44195 The SSBS consists of one of the largest meningioma programs in the country, evaluating over 200 new patients with meningiomas annually, of which approximately 100 operations are performed. Cleveland Clinic's epilepsy program hosts the Cleveland Clinic-Bethel Epilepsy Symposium every two years. The spine fellow also will become comfortable with minimally invasive spine surgery, including diskectomies and fusions. Our journal clubs are organized every month, with attendance by both faculty and fellows. Interested applicants must have successfully passed USMLE Steps 1, 2CK and 2CS. Interested applicants should apply two years prior by sending a cover letter and curriculum vitae. Each fellow will be required to complete and present one research project at the end of the year as part of their requirement for program graduation. The fellowship has three main concentrations: Our complex spine surgeons have busy spine practices covering the entire range of disorders of the spine and spinal cord. Palliative and investigational surgical treatments for epilepsy are also offered in a highly select group of medically intractable patients. Columbus, OH Harrison, NY These projects are then prepared for submission prior to completion of the fellowship and are expected to be submitted for publication. Basic research programs include the characterization of molecular markers for malformations of cortical development and development of animal models studying subthalamic stimulation for epilepsy. Integral to optimizing the surgical treatment of any patient is a need to understand the pathology, historical treatments, and outcomes, and to develop sound and efficacious surgical skills. The numerous opportunities for research made this a very productive time.”, Frank Bishop, MD 2001-02 Commitments to excellence in patient care, innovation and education have long been integral components of Cleveland Clinic’s mission. Basic research in epilepsy is available, but not required. Furthermore, I had gained enough of an understanding of the degenerative spine to facilitate continued learning and technical advancement. Fernando Techy, MD The combination of orthopedic and neurosurgical training sets you apart from the conventionally trained crowd. Welcome to the Spine Surgery Fellowship at Cleveland Clinic. Complex Spinal Neurosurgery Fellowships Program Goals. The fellowship is intended to supplement the radiosurgical treatment training in neurosurgery providing advanced knowledge and skills with a higher level of expertise in stereotactic Radiosurgery including Gamma Knife Surgery and Spinal Radiosurgery. I am now in private practice in Nashville, TN. The diversity and volume of cases at Cleveland Clinic is exceptional, and this allowed me to develop competence in these two areas.". Premier Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Our faculty actively participates in the fellows’ education, helping to provide a high level of proficiency in a variety of surgical techniques and approaches designed to effectively treat any type of spinal condition. Residency: Cleveland Clinic - Neurosurgery, Richard Rammo, MD Orthopaedic Surgeon It was a perfect combination of the orthopaedic and neurosurgical experience as well as "routine" and "big" cases. Our spine fellows gain in-depth knowledge of primary and revision degenerative problems of the cervical and lumbar spine, adult spinal deformities and spinal trauma, including spinal cord injuries. In the end I came to a conclusion that the indications and operations in this day and age are pretty much the same. Neurological Surgeon As a tertiary care center, the spine surgeons at Cleveland Clinic treat the most complex spinal pathology, including revision surgery, spinal deformity of many etiologies, primary spinal column tumors and metastatic disease, infections, as well as intra- and extra-dural tumors. College of Medicine at Chicago It was a very comprehensive educational and operative experience and instrumental in preparing me for academic/private practice. Rose Ella Burkhardt Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Center/CA51 Cleveland Clinic - Neurosurgery, Zachary Grabel, MD Lebanon, NH A rotating schedule allows equal time in the operating room and clinic. Fax: 216.636.5401, Advanced Endoscopic and Microscopic Neurosurgery Research Fellowship. There is no case we can't handle—and you'll train in the center of it all. Medical School: University of Kentucky College of Medicine This fellowship has allowed me to continue my career in academic neurosurgery as an Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Medical School: Sultan Qaboos University Orthopaedic Surgeon The didactics, including lectures and case presentations, were comprehensive and provided ample opportunity for discussion and debate. Clinical programs include gliomas, metastases, neuro-endocrine and skull base tumors. Neuroscience & Spine Associates Ongoing functional neurosurgery projects include research into mechanisms of deep brain stimulation, the development of brain-computer interface prostheses and spinal cord stimulation. In addition to the three fellows, the spine team consists of: 1. Medical School: Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University Medical School: Yale University Pranay Soni, MD (Enfolded) 9500 Euclid Ave. The program provides the fellows with a wide variety of cases and working on them with residents was particularly rewarding. This shared call applies only to emergency department consults. Residency: Emory University Hospital - Orthopaedic Surgery, Haariss Ilyass, MD The primary goal of our fellowship is focused on training the highest quality orthopaedic and neurosurgeons on a personal and professional level, in order to prepare them for private or academic practice. 9500 Euclid Ave./CA51 The fellowship is designed to foster careers in academic or private neurological spine surgery. We believe this is a valuable educational experience, and certainly a strength of this program. Assistant Professor The Burkhardt Brain Tumor Center is a unique, stand-alone department, which is comprised of neurosurgeons, neuro-oncologists, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists. In addition, the team runs the VA Hospital Ortho Spine Service, including the clinic, elective cases, consults… National activities include dozens of publications annually in peer-reviewed journals, papers and posters at national meetings, and a strong annual presence at the American Epilepsy Society meeting. Lilyana Angelov, MD 2006-07 Perhaps more importantly, Cleveland Clinic has a group of world-renown spine surgeons, from both neurosurgery and orthopaedic backgrounds, with whom I worked closely and individually, and was therefore able to see and discuss multiple ways of treating spinal disorders. The service shares the Level-1 spine trauma call and cases equally with the Neurosurgical Spine Service on a rotating basis, covering spine trauma essentially half the month. Brodke, Lawrence, Spiker and Spina; the 2 Orthopedic Spine Fellows; 3 rotating Orthopaedic Residents, a PGY4, a PGY3 and a PGY1 (5 months of the year); and medical students. Cleveland Clinic A primary goal of our fellowship is to graduate fellows with a highly refined clinical acumen and surgical skill set that will allow them to most effectively treat any type of spinal malady. Orthopaedic Surgeon Consults arising from inpatient services or the emergency room will be seen by the spine fellow in conjunction with the neurosurgical residents. You can take the lamina out with a drill or a Leksell, as long as you leave the dura in place the patient will be OK.”, S. Scott Lollis, MD ", Christopher Kager, MD The program also maintains a strong collegial feel as well, with great relationships between the fellows and the faculty and residents.”, Saad B. Chaudhary, MD, MBA Neurosurgery Spine Fellowship The Emory University Neurosurgery Spine Fellowship offers specialized orthopaedic neurosurgery experience. Two residents at downtown Johns Hopkins (one senior resident and one junior resident) 3. Fellows are expected to participate in the design, IRB application process and management of new clinical trials during this fellowship, and to produce clinical presentations and reports. Each program is contacted annually for updates. Interested candidates can apply for a fellowship position by submitting the following documentation: Contact Person This complexity, together with our superb results has made Cleveland Clinic's Epilepsy Surgery program one of the best in the world. Because each fellow has a one on one experience with each faculty member, the fellowship offers a breadth of experience that is uncommon. Our team also collaborates with the neurosurgery spine service through joint conferen… During the fellowship year, the fellow also actively participates in on-going clinical research in the areas of outcomes research, surgical technique refinement and elucidation of the natural history in meningiomas/schwannomas. Boulder Neurosurgical Associates Neurosurgery Spine Fellowship. Residency: University of California - Orthopaedic Surgery, Christina Huang Wright, MD

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