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strawberry banana blueberry cheesecake salad

I used 1 pound of strawberries and a can of pineapple chunks along with the bananas. The sweetness of the cheesecake mixture will help the strawberries macerate (which is tasty, but not pretty) so I eat pretty soon after making it. Better than expected! Blueberry Cheesecake with Blueberry Sauce (Easy Blueberry Cheesecake) Cooking Journey all purpose flour, chocolate biscuits, blueberries, sour cream and 10 more Strawberry and Blueberry Cheesecake Icebox Cake Life, Love and Sugar You could make the crust as a crumble for the top that would be really good. ©2020 | Privacy Policy | Website & Logo Design by e3studios, Our readers have enjoyed it so much that I though it was time to whip up a twist on the. This was a total fail for me. If you have to substitute for the creamer, use 1 cup heavy cream, 1/4 cup powdered sugar, and 2 teaspoons vanilla extract. I made the fruit salad yesterday everyone loved it. Jello makes a cheesecake pudding. Pure Vanilla Coffee Creamer 2 pounds strawberries, hulled and sliced 3 medium bananas 1 large box Jello instant cheesecake pudding mix powder. All Rights Reserved. Made this tonight for the first time and it definitely won't be the last. I ended up adding a little of half and half "liquid" creamer. Have a great day, Miz Helen, I’m in love with this! This cheesecake salad has been a family favorite for years. Sugar free boxes don't weigh as much as regular, so it's less weight for the same amount of pudding. 3-4 sliced bananas. It may bind up in the beaters, but continue as is and it will If you have to substitute for the creamer, use 1 cup heavy cream, 1/4 cup powdered sugar and 2 teaspoons vanilla extract.Enjoy and let us know how it goes! Learn how your comment data is processed. In a bowl, mix cream cheese, yogurt, pudding and cool whip until creamy. Rich and creamy cheesecake filling is folded into luscious strawberries and sweet banana to create the most amazing, glorious fruit salad ever! Could I use frozen strawberries in winter? Fold in strawberries, banana slices, blueberries, raspberries and mini marshmallows. When your recipe called for coffee creamer, I assumed it was the "powered" coffee creamer. This came out so good! Stir until To make this ahead: prepare the cheesecake mixture and refrigerate it in a bowl. I think it has an odd taste so I just use the vanilla pudding instead. Instead of coffee creamer, I used half and half and added the powdered sugar and vanilla. That looks incredible! combine sliced strawberries, banana coins and lemon juice. Step-by-Step . a time and then mix until it becomes a smooth mixture and all of the The perfect dessert salad guaranteed to be a Winner!!! I use my coffee creamer in my French toast ingredients. 1 container fresh strawberries. It has endless possibilities to make it your own. All rights reserved. packages. what about mixing torn up pieces of angel food cake in with a mixture I bet that would be good, I use cheesecake mix I just don’t use the graham crumbs. Maybe too much cream or did u add it a little bit at a time? hopefully it will work out. Raves and requests each week for more! Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday! DONNA'S NOTES: If you have to substitute cream for the creamer, powdered sugar and vanilla would be the best swap. I went and bought dry creamer, now I have to go buy the liquid. Everyone just loved it. And we have included kitchen tips to make dinnertime less stressful. Can u use french vanilla creamer instead can't find pure vanilla. It's made by Jell-0. Do you have the nutrition facts for this recipe available? Thaw the whipped topping. What did I do wrong? creamer has been added to the cream cheese. did i read the receipt wrong? Subscribe to The Slow Roasted Italian by Email, I tried this - sounded so delicious- doubled the recipe and it turned into fruit soup -was good, but not very attractive! I love dogs and all things cupcakes. No leftovers. It will get clumpy and no matter how long you beat it, it will stay that way. If I omitted the bananas from your recipe, would you suggest also not using the lemon juice? Add it about a tablespoon at Serve and enjoy. Every recipe has a photo that will make your mouth water. Thanks in advance! <- Sorry, pun intended. Printable Recipe Card. Yummy!! This beautiful fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals and can help control weight, lower the risk of cancer, heart disease and enhance fertility. Then fold them together before serving. I used half and half milk and added the powdered sugar and vanilla to it and it turned out wonderful. CommonGround volunteer Paula Peterson shares her recipe for Strawberry Banana Cheesecake Salad. McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract, strawberries, kiwis, pineapple chunks and 2 more. You say whip the cream cheese but you don't say how much. I combined cream cheese, pudding mix and coffee creamer to create a spectacular rich and creamy cheesecake filling. All 8 absolutely loved it. In this recipe, I’ve used four of my favorite fruits to celebrate summer with. Should really add to the recipe that it is liquid creamer and not powdered. Rich and creamy cheesecake filling is folded into your favorite berries to create the most amazing fruit salad ever! It is crazy how much pudding mix amps up the flavor of a recipe. cheesecake or white chocolate pudding mix 1 pound fresh strawberries, sliced 3 bananas, sliced 3 cups miniature marshmallows Thank-you Donna for such a yummy recipe! All rights reserved. Now that summer is approaching, it’s the perfect time to use up the fruit after going to farmer’s markets and strawberry fields. It’s the same great dish and their are so many different ways to change this dish up. I think coconut pudding would be good also and maybe even lemon in some of them. f you use blueberries strawberries and pineapple doe you have to use the lemon juice. Whip until smooth. GEEZ! Bananas are incredibly healthy. Thank you for sharing on Friday Features this week! I couldn't find cheesecake pudding mix in Canada so swapped it out for vanilla. Hello and thank you for visiting Swanky Recipes. 1 photo of Strawberry Banana Cheesecake Salad. 1 (3½ ounce) package cheesecake flavor instant pudding or pie filling mix Try this recipe and find out. I made this for Easter thinking it would get eaten up..had leftover next day but was really runny from the fruit..I am making for my granddaughters 18th birthday and leaving for college party but this time I am putting the mixture in a bowl to the side of fruit..this way they can mix in as they eat and no leftover runny fruit!! Lemon juice helps keep the bananas from turning brown. and let us know how it goes! Recipe for Strawberry-Banana Cheesecake Salad. This sounds so yummy as is but I also read someone asked about adding Angel food cake, I think that would be yummy as well, thank you for sharing. If a recipe calls for creamer, it means liquid!! #cheesecakesalad #summersidedish stop by and chat ♥ Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I moved to New Orleans in 2013 and have been here ever since. We couldn't stop eating it, and you're going to go bananas over it too! Wash fruit and slice strawberries and banana. Whisk mixture together until it’s mixed well with no lumps. Thanks for sharing it with us at the Tator Tots and Jello link up! Blueberries are said to soften dry skin, boost the brain by improving mental health, lower blood pressure, maintain healthy bones, help manage diabetes; just to name a few benefits. In a large bowl using a hand mixer, beat together cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla until light and fluffy. The benefits to eating fruit are incredible not to mention it’s nice to enjoy something cold and refreshing during the hot summer. Yum! all the fruit is coated with lemon juice. It tastes great! This dessert is so dang good. bowl, using an electric mixer, whip cream cheese until it becomes I put the bananas in the lemon juice before adding to the mixture. 1-2 containers of sliced strawberries. Have made this but it also had kiwi & mango with pinapple added. The new queen of the summer picnic table. I've never seen it here in Canada.. You can use a vanilla ready made pudding mix also. fruit. Before serving, drain any excess liquid from the fruit and then fold the cheesecake filling into the fruit. I hope to see you at tonight’s party. Continue until all of the Trust me on this one. Refrigerate cheesecake salad until ready to serve. If you’re not a strawberry fan, you should be! It was fantastic and super super easy! In winter, you’ll find me googling farmer market’s in Mexico. 1 bag of mini marshmallows. in the receipt it calls for one 3.4oz package of pudding so i put in three one oz. This fruit salad has a lot of fresh and satisfying ingredients that will satisfy your taste buds. strawberry banana cheesecake salad There’s just something about the combination of strawberries and bananas. Okay...I feel stupid. In summer, you will find me there at least once a week and I wish I could go more. That sounds magnificent Grace! 16 oz of vanilla yogurt (2 cups). 1 (3 ½ ounce) package of cheesecake flavor instant pudding and pie filling mix. Glad I read the comments. This strawberry banana cheesecake salad might throw you off because salads and cheesecakes don't usually go hand in hand. Wish I would of known ahead of time. Add another layer of strawberries and top with … I'm making it again today. Add fruit to cheesecake mixture and gently fold in. ❤ ❤ ❤, Blog copyright The Slow Roasted Italian. Its delish!! Gently fold cheesecake mixture into fruit. So, when I was thinking of ways to twist up the cheesecake salad, I knew I needed to use pudding. Made it the taste was great but almost looked like cookie dough very thick what happened? large bowl and refrigerate. 1-2 containers … Can you use the pre-made cheese cake filling and add the fruit, thus skipping the cream cheese, pudding mix, etc...? Mine did the same thing and it's super sticky. I could only find 1 oz boxes, and another commenter said they tried to use three and it didn’t turn out right..... Is the 1-oz box sugar free? I made this for my large family of 8 as part of our Easter meal. As needed Graham crackers honey, or cinnamon flavor. This was delicious. Pat dry raspberries and blueberries. Raspberries are one of my favorite fruits because they are so delicious! Fold in mini marshmallows and mix well. But yet you could ad so much more to it, vanilla wafers or nuts of some kind or even more kinds of fruit. If you really like a post, please Facebook and give it a THUMBS UP or Pin It on Pinterest!We love to hear your comments and hear when you have used a recipe. The filling is folded into fresh strawberries, blueberries, and bananas to create the most amazing red, white, and blue fruit salad you have ever eaten I am such a big cheesecake fan, but sometimes it can seem like a lot of effort to make a full cheesecake recipe, so I went searching for a cheesecake alternative online. Turned out great. ©2012. Strawberries boost immunity, fight wrinkles, fight bad cholesterol, reduce inflammation, regulate blood pressure, aid in weight management and may help to prevent cancer. Refrigerate until cold, at least 30 minutes. containers vanilla yogurt 1 box (3.4 oz.) When I found this awesome strawberry banana cheesecake salad recipe by Donna Elick, on YouTube, I was so excited to find an answer to my dilemma. So is there an actual cheesecake pudding, or are you using the filling inside a box of cheesecake? Whisk in cheesecake pudding, mixing well. If you wish to make it ahead, I would keep the fruit separate from the cheesecake mixture. Add cheesecake mixture to Mix all of the fruit in a The creamer lends a richness and creaminess to the cheesecake filling and the perfect touch of sweetness. You could buy a whole tub of cheesecake filling in your dairy section at grocery store if you're in a hurry! I also added in other fruit that we had--tangerines, grapes, and peaches. In a medium tall This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thanks for a wonderful and easy treat. Grapes, blueberries, blackberries and apples to name a few. Strawberry Banana Cheesecake Salad. smooth. This recipe is incredibly easy to prepare and can be made ahead of any party or summer BBQ. Light and luscious strawberry yogurt, cool whip and cheesecake pudding make up this delicious salad with an array of fresh fruits. I personally love them soft, tastes better kind of mushed in the salad. Juicy, sweet and refreshing. Very Vanilla Fruit Salad McCormick. Serve and enjoy! Strawberry Banana Cheesecake Salad!!! I used the fruit I had on hand and ended up with extra batter. 2 cups yogurt. :AI: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, Crack Brussels Sprouts {The Best Roasted Brussels Sprouts}. If I don't have a hand mixer could I use my food processor? The lemon juice is not required, but I love the way lemon juice makes cheesecake taste, so I would add it for a beautiful zip to the cheesecake salad. loosen up. Strawberry Banana Cheesecake Salad . Cheesecake salads are usually made with no-bake cheesecake filling/pudding and frozen whipped topping (such as Cool Whip), then folded together with fresh fruit. Chill in refrigerator until ready to use. Strawberry Banana Cheesecake Salad. 1 1/2 cups heavy cream 1/4 cup granulated sugar 3 (6 oz.) Add dry pudding mix. Took it to our church dinner & it was gone in no time. Enjoy! I just made this and it was great! I made this and just used the big tub of premade phillidelphia cheesecake and it turned out fantastic! 1 regular size tub of cool whip. Thank you for sharing this with us! If you’re looking for the next side dish or dessert to pass at a party, we have you covered. Go and grab yours today! When I was a little girl and feeling sick, my mom would make me warm jello water with the strawberry banana flavor and I swear it had healing properties, lol. Very light and delicious. This simple Summer Berry Cheesecake Salad recipe comes together with just 5 ingredients. 1 (8 oz) tub of thawed cool whip. In the fruit mixture, I squeezed fresh lemon juice over sliced strawberries and bananas. I love the culture, cuisine and southern hospitality Louisiana has to offer me. In a large bowl, Fold until everything is mixed evenly. Mix all of the fruit in a large bowl and refrigerate. Worth it though. I made this and just used the big tub of Philadelphia cheesecake filling and added the fruit to it!! If you wish to make it ahead, I would keep the fruit separate from the cheesecake mixture. Mscat2u .. i did the substitute but mine looks so much thicker than pic trying to figure out how to thin it a little plus i think i will cut down on the cream cheese little over whelming in taste and over takes the fruit, what do you use if you cant get the instant chessecake pudding in your area, I used regular vanilla and it was still delicious �� I had no left overs. So, don't wait. Enjoy! This is one patriotic looking salad! Has anyone used another fruit besides strawberries? It was such a hit, only ended up serving 4. You may even hear it go by the name fluff salad. If you have to substitute for the creamer, use 1 cup heavy cream, 1/4 cup powdered sugar and 2 teaspoons vanilla extract. They are anti-oxidant rich and considered a super food. the batter is so so thick that i am going to have to add a lot more creamer. Peaches maybe. What a great dessert, we will love it! Get your personalized results . I just made this salad and it's is great tasting and very easy too make. 8 chapters with a total of 82 quick and easy recipes that are bursting with flavor!!! I'm not a fan of those creamers.Fran G. Trying to get away from those yucky marshmallow desserts. 1,655,724 suggested recipes. How many of you are going to ask the same question about substituting the creamer??? I used blueberry & vanilla. The recipe never said "liquid" coffee creamer! Strawberry-Banana Cheesecake Salad is a great dessert recipe. Wash fruit and slice strawberries and banana; set aside. I just used it, that was all I had. Strawberry Banana blueberry Cheesecake Fruit Salad step by step Mix together in a big bowl the cool whip, pudding powders, and yogurt. I know my family would love it so I’ll have to give it a try! It has slow cooker meals, one-pot recipes, quick dinners, simple appetizers, desserts and more!!! This looks so refreshing, what a great idea to have dessert and salad all in one! Top strawberry-blueberry-banana-fruit-salad recipes just for you Explore more recipes . I always put it in the fridge the night before. did i do something wrong? I made this for Mother's day. With mixer running Stir in marshmallows. It's in the same section of your grocery store. creamer has combined into the cream cheese. Pinned. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome recipe with Full Plate Thursday and come back real soon. I have never seencheesecake pudding. If it says creamer, it means liquid creamer, if it was dry, she would have written that. To make this ahead: prepare the cheesecake mixture and refrigerate in a bowl. CAN CHEESECAKE SALAD BE MADE AHEAD. This new summer salad is so good it is sure to take the place of your favorite fruit salad. slowly add creamer to the cream cheese mix. can you use vanilla pudding instead of cheesecake flavor? Mix the strawberries and blueberries together in a bowl, sprinkle with sugar and lemon juice, and toss lightly. Looks like the perfect addition to a summer cookout! 16 oz tub of cool whip. In a tall trifle bowl or a glass salad bowl, arrange half of the strawberries on the bottom. Thank you :), DONNA, CAN YOU USE THE CHEESECAKE FILLING ALREADY MIXED FROM WALMART AND THEN ADD THE COFFEE CREAMER TO THAT, DONNA, WAS JUST WONDERING IF YOU CAN USE THAT PREMADE CHEESECAKE FILLING ALONG WITH THE COFFEE CREAMER INSTEAD OF THE PUDDING MIX AND CREAM CHEESE. 1/2 small box Jello instant vanilla pudding mix powder. It brings me so much happiness to see all sorts of sweet fruits. I am so happy you loved it. I love being able to find a fresh array of seasonal fruits at the farmer’s market. Rich and creamy cheesecake filling made with cream cheese, pudding and my favorite creamer. It sounds to me as though the Crust will get soggy unless you serve it imediatlu. Eating a banana rich in potassium can also make you more alert. We are so excited to share our recipes with you!!! In a large bowl, combine whipped cream topping and strawberry yogurt then whisk together. About Strawberry Banana Cheesecake Salad. I assume 1 package at room temp correct? This looks delicious! Thank you so much. But it took some prep time. It's been available for several years. Before serving, drain any excess liquid from the fruit and then fold the cheesecake filling into the fruit. We are always so impressed with your creations and can’t wait to see them! Can you make the night before or will fruit turn brown. Strawberry Banana blueberry Cheesecake Fruit Salad 6-8 servings fresh strawberries • bananas • large box Jello instant cheesecake pudding mix powder • small box Jello instant vanilla pudding mix powder • Graham crackers honey, or cinnamon flavor • tub of cool whip • yogurt. This sounds delish! Is there a way to substitute heavy cream for the coffee creamer? Stir in. Is there a mistake in the recipe when it says 3.4 oz of the pudding? The recipe doesn't need redone. How to Make Strawberry Banana Cheesecake Salad . Any substitute for cheesecake pudding mix? Can i use something else besides coffee creamer? Top that with half of the prepared cheesecake mixture. However, this Summer Berry Cheesecake Salad is perfectly delicious and it does not have lemon juice in it. Copyright 2013-2020 Swanky Recipes. 1 cup heavy cream, 4 tablespoons powdered sugar and 2 teaspoons vanilla extract. 1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, softened, 1 (3.4 ounce) package instant cheesecake pudding, unprepared, 1-1/4 cups Simply Pure Vanilla Coffee Creamer. 2-3 bananas. The Simple Kitchen is loaded with more than 75 BRAND NEW recipes and a hand full of family favorites too. Absolutely! A little more protein but less fat. Just made this for the first time this evening and I am in love. I used vanilla pudding. Lou Lou Girls. READ PEOPLE!!!! Could one substitute yogurt for the cream and add the powdered sugar as recommended for heavy cream. Can you use the already made cheese cake filling instead of all the ingrients? Beat in Cool Whip until combined. I found it at Meijer store with the instant puddings. Fold in strawberries, bananas, and … Combine the whipped cream topping and strawberry yogurt in a big bowl, then whisk them together. You are going to love how easy the recipes in this Best Cheesecake Salad Recipes list are to make. Same concept and it turned out great. Fold in fruit and may garnish with additional fruit. In fact, they aid digestion, pack a lot of fiber, relieve acid reflux, mood-enhancer, control blood sugar, protect against free radicals, protect the eyes, and control appetite. That prevents the bananas from browning, but it also gives the cheesecake salad a little brightness and zing! I made this and it was soupy. Different fruits can be added or substituted. The sweetness of the cheesecake mixture will help the strawberries macerate, releasing their juices (which is tasty, but not pretty) so I eat pretty soon after making it. Pinned and tweeted! Tip: If you like your graham crackers soft add some small to medium size crushed different size pieces now and stir in. Is there a sub for the cheesecake pudding? I am also a Laura Ingalls Wilder relative from the Charles Ingalls family line. Maybe a different flavour? Would this recipe work in a graham cracker crust for dessert or pie? / Recipes / Sides / Fruit Sides. All I had was dunkin doughnuts extra sweet and cream and it tastes great! 1 bag of miniature marshmallows. Beat until well combined. Where do you get it? Your family will go nuts over it. June 12, 2019. 16 oz of vanilla yogurt. Can't wait for the next resipiee Yolanda Broadfoot. The Slow Roasted Italian. Strawberry Banana blueberry Cheesecake Fruit Salad. I love fruit salad! In fact, it tastes better that way. I can't find it here in Canada. Hi Rebeckah! By Paula Peterson, dessert recipe, recipe, Salad Recipe. I followed the recipe exactly and mine formed like Jello liked nothing like the picture. this sounds delicious! I couldn't help myself. Sign up and receive the latest tips via email. Was so good I just wish I would have had enough fruit. To make this recipe, in a large bowl combine whipped cream, strawberry yogurt and cheesecake pudding. Do not pour all of the creamer into the cream cheese at once. And say goodbye to Aunt Ida's ambrosia salad and HELLO to Strawberry Banana Cheesecake Salad. It is delicious. Speaking of simple recipes, of course our new cookbook {. Went to a Mexican brunch last weekend and they had sliced strawberries in a rather thin cheesecake flavored sauce that was so delicious. I will be making this for our summer picnics! Powered by. So creamy and I love the zing of the lemon flavor. Mixture will become slightly more dense over time. It really kicks it up a notch. In a large salad bowl mix … This version also utilizes some strawberry yogurt to bring even more fruit flavor into the dish! 1 package of nobake cheese cake filling. Can you use heavy cream instead of the vanilla creamer. Instead of vanilla creamer I used caramel coconut latte and it’s Devine!! Chill until ready to serve or serve immediately. The substitution is addressed in Donna's Notes in the recipe. I ended up with a huge ball of dry stuff! So here's a tip!!

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