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tall snake plant

Related: Mother-in-Law’s Tongue (Snake Plant): Care and Growing Guide, Alocasia ‘Polly’ Care: How to Grow Alocasia Amazonica ‘Polly’ (African Mask Plant), Hoya Kerrii (Sweetheart Plant / Valentine Hoya): Care Guide, Caring for Calathea Ornata (Pinstripe Calathea) - The Ultimate Guide, Calathea Orbifolia Care and Growing Guide (With Pictures), Types of Snake Plants (Sansevieria Varieties) With Care and Growing Tips, 10 best air filtering house plants according to NASA, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue (Snake Plant): Care and Growing Guide, Types of Succulents: Species, Varieties with Pictures, 14 Types of Cacti for Indoors and Outdoors. As the leaves mature, they start to arch in different directions. It grows to a height of about 6 to 10 feet. An architectural species, it features stiff, upright leaves that range from one to eight feet tall, depending on the variety. 3. This lovely tall Snake Plant, called Sansevieria Trifasciata Green, has an architectural form and can survive weeks of neglect. However, this snake plant takes a long time to reach maturity and is a delightful small sansevieria for many years. A tall snake plant planted in a brown pot. The leaves are shaped like a canoe or boat with a rounded underside and grooved channel on the topside. Name: Dirt (Zone 5b) dirtdorphins Jan 30, 2015 6:53 PM CST. Snake plant 5 feet tall! One of the tallest varieties of sansevieria trifasciata is the ‘Laurentii’ cultivar. This is also a dwarf variety of sansevieria trifasciata as the leaves only grow to between 12” and 15” (30 – 38 cm) tall. No worries. These are where the leaves expand and shrink, depending on the amount of water it receives. Sansevieria ‘Cleopatra’ has beautiful patterns on its short leaves. Healthy plant in its pot with premium soil — saucer included; All the tips and tricks for expert-level care; Pot Size: Ecopots, 11.8" in diameter, 10.25" tall. But you need to be aware that all parts of the viper’s bowstring hemp plant are poisonous or toxic to cats and dogs. The Snake Plant ships in a lightweight, 10-inch decor planter; made from a 100% recyclable #5 material. In a Matching White Pot. No need for saucer or water mess. The ‘Golden Hahnii’ is a dwarf cultivar of sansevieria with wide leaves. 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As a houseplant, the sansevieria kirkii ‘Star’ grows dark-green snake-like leaves up to 3 ft. (1 m) tall. Sansevieria trifasciata is the most common species of snake plant. The snake plant ‘Twisted Sister’ gets its name from the way the green and yellow leaves curl around to give them a distorted shape. Snake plants prefer bright, indirect light and can even tolerate some direct sunlight. The leaves of the plant look like giant blades of grass, and they may reach as tall as 4-feet in height. Sansevieria are evergreen perennials that can grow anywhere from eight inches to 12 feet high. A matching pot that goes with the color of the room is perfect to grow the plant. Snake plant, also called mother-in-law’s tongue, is known botanically as Sansevieria trifasciata. Sansevieria cylindrica ‘Boncel’ is a type of sansevieria with tubular leaves in the shape of a spike. ‘Bantel’s Sensation’ — Narrow leaves have white vertical stripes and grow to about 3 feet long.This variety can be hard to find. Snake Plant Overview. The ‘sansevieria patens’ is one of the most attractive snake plant succulents that you can find. Every so often, you will get some white/pink blossoms from this dwarf sansevieria. Hopefully, this article has helped to explain how to grow a snake plant. This type of sansevieria is recognized by its long leaves with an almost oval shape. As with most sansevieria varieties, this snake plant can tolerate low-light conditions with occasional watering. 45 in. It has spiky flowers, growing up to 12 inches. On the opposite end of the spectrum in size stands the variety S. trifaciata “hanhii.”. It is excellent for the forgetful gardener as it does not need a lot of care. Sansevieria ‘Black gold’ Because this snake plant succulent only grows to about 11” (27 cm) tall, you can place it almost anywhere in a room, office, or patio. The descriptions and pictures of these sansevierias will help to identify the individual species and find out about their common names. A tall plant fills up a corner well and adds a character to it. My snake plant is in a very large pot and it's nearly full. They require moderate to bright light and sparse watering. Snake plants are also known as viper’s bowstring hemp because they have strong fibers that were once used to make bowstrings. This snake plant variety is one of the 10 best air filtering house plants according to NASA. This delightful sansevieria Parva variety, also called the ‘Kenya Hyacinth,’ has light-green narrow leaves with darker patterns. As well as growing conditions the variety of Sansevieria that you have planted plays a big part in what the final height and width will be. This has a grayish-green upper side with a bright yellow, banana-colored underside. I’ve found that the outer leaves are the ones that fall over. What are the most important factors to remember when caring for a snake plant? Bird's nest snake plant (Dracaena trifasciati 'Hahnii') is a dwarf form that stays less than 6 inches tall. If you’re wondering how to take care of a snake plant, read on for a few suggestions. However, they also grow well (albeit more slowly) in shady corners and other low-light areas of the home. Tall Snake Plant in Planter The Laura Ashley brand is known for quality The Laura Ashley brand is known for quality and distinctive design, the mark of timeless beauty and relaxed living - and this lifelike plant fulfills those expectations. When repotting, always check the roots for signs of disease—brown and mushy roots. The striking look of this sansevieria plant comes from its bright golden yellow and lime green variegated leaves. This benefit was reported in a study conducted by NASA. Today I will be sharing my 10 tips for taking care of a Snake Plant. In winter, you only need to water your sansevieria plants occasionally. Other names for this variety of sansevieria include ‘Sword Sansevieria,’ ‘Somaliland Bowstring Hemp,’ and ‘East African Wild Sisal.’, The sansevieria ‘Banana’ has fleshy short leaves. Your tall Snake Plant can either be placed directly on the floor in a nice pot, (like this one), or displayed on a nice stand. It grows to a height of about 6 to 10 feet. When the starfish sansevieria plant flowers, its flowering stem grows 3 ft. (1 m) tall and its length is covered in small greenish-white tubular flowers. These leaves grow vertically from the soil and can reach between 28” and 35” (70 – 90 cm) tall. One of the most attractive varieties of sansevieria is the ‘Cleopatra’ cultivar with its delightful patterns on succulent leaves. Belonging to the sansevieria species Ehrenbergii, this plant has similarly shaped leaves to the ‘Blue Sansevieria.’ One of the differences is that the thick leaves are shorter as it’s a dwarf variety. @perryscorners1855 How to Care for Snake Plants Best Soil for Snake Plants. Identification of this sansevieria species is by the thick leaves that curve downwards as they grow. It’s OK in low light, removes toxins (formaldehyde, benzene) from the air and grows up to 70cm tall. All sansevieria varieties are flowering plants, and the ‘Kenya Hyacinth’ is no exception. If you notice signs of root rot, you will have to repot your mother-in-law’s tongue plant in fresh, sterile soil. Snake plants grow slowly. You might have to tie your leaf to the stake to keep it anchored; depending on how tall & heavy it is. Sansevieria, or the Mother-in-Law's Tongue / Snake Plant as it's commonly known is a truly remarkable and striking easy care houseplant. We think so. Another unusual feature of this plant is the large conical white or pale pink flowers that can sometimes emerge. - 4" Pot Gift, Nearly Natural 26 in. Snake plants have long, blade-shaped leaves, with variegated shades of green, and they stand up straight in the air. Enter zip code for a better delivery estimate. However, it’s important to keep your sansevieria plants away from drafts. The sansevieria Ballyi has beautiful variegated narrow tapered leaves that grow 4” (10 cm) long and only measure 6” (15 cm) tall. Snake plant, also called mother-in-law&… In this particular picture, tall and small are tied … Answer + 3. 45 in. Bright golden yellow and pale-yellow stripes contrast well with the dark green leaf coloring. A metal pot stand and a small stool are ideal to place two snake plants in a living room. To help the snake plant grow well indoors use a pot with a drainage hole in the bottom. The ‘Twisted Sister’ is a type of snake plant with curly short leaves. The leaves form clusters that closely resemble a cup, similar to a bird’s nest. The pot should be perforated for proper drainage. As your Snake Plant grows, this can happen 1 or 2 times a year. The ‘Star’ leaves grow up to 6 ft. (1.8 m) long and can measure 3.6” (9 cm) at their widest. Until 2017, it was known under the synonym Sansevieria trifasciata. Futura robusta is an easy to maintain plant, with short and broad leaves. Change the water in the glass or vase every week, or any time you see the water looking cloudy. This makes the plant look like a collection of writhing snakes. Views: 28951, Replies: 12 » Jump to the end. Or in a planter with another tall tropical beauty, bird of paradise, like above. Many describe the look of the ‘Twisted Sister’ as a bird’s nest in a container. 20” Tall Snake Plant in 7.5” diam Orange Terracotta Planter with saucer,Interior houseplant decor,Indoor plant, Housewarming live plant gift MomoDesignGarden. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. 14. The plump leaves eventually grow up to 5” (12.5 cm) long and measure about 1” (2.5) thick. However, as with most snake plants, the sansevieria patens can tolerate some neglect. Q. I have a houseplant called a snake plant that has grown too tall for the space. When you buy MinxNY 40" Tall Snake Plant Artificial Indoor/ Outdoor Faux in Planter or any Home Decor product online from us, you become part of the Houzz family and can expect exceptional customer service every step of the way. You will also notice a type of cuticle on the tips of each banana-shaped leaf. Another way to identify the sansevieria patens is by the deep grooves running along the length of the leaves. The shape of the sansevieria cylindrica plant is rosette; however, the long succulent leaves grow in a fan shape. The ‘Black Gold’ sansevieria (viper’s bowstring hemp) is a popular type of perennial snake plant cultivar that has dark green leaves and a striking golden-yellow edge. This S. trifaciata cultivar is a dwarf variety, keeping it small. A red glass container has healthy rooted 20”tall snake plant. Well, everything. Keep the plant in a warm spot with temperatures above 50°F (10°C). The “Futura Robusta’ is a type of sansevieria with narrow gray-green stripy leaves. The snake plant is set in the perfect planter that will complement the decor of any room. However is there any way to keep it from getting taller? One of the tallest varieties of sansevieria trifasciata is the ‘Laurentii’ cultivar. The height at shipping is approximately 2-feet (24 Inches) tall, measured from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant. The leaf shape is also described as ‘boat-shaped.’ They have a rounded bottom and an inwardly curved topside. How to Stunt the Growth of a Snake Plant. So what does a snake plant look good with? We recently wrote an informative article on the different varieties of snake plants, you can find it here. This Sansevieria stands only 4-8 inches high, never reaching over a foot tall. Snake plants usually have green banded leaves, while the variety called mother-in-law's tongue typically features a yellow border. In some ways, the color of this sansevieria resembles that of succulents such as agave plants. It has ethereal, pale silver-green leaves. Good To Know When You Find Your Snake Plant Leaves Falling Over. Also known as viper’s bowstring hemp, or mother in law’s tongue, sansevieria varieties are excellent houseplants that suit your home decor. A stunning snake plant planted in a simple brown pot. As well as growing conditions the variety of Sansevieria that you have planted plays a big part in what the final height and width will be. One of the main benefits of growing a snake plant (sansevieria) indoors is its ability to filter certain toxins from the air. The Snake plant requires maximum indirect sunlight. This robust type of leafy plant grows well in most conditions. Its name of ‘Blue’ snake plant doesn’t really describe its color. White Snake Plant, Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Bantel’s Sensation’ – This cultivar grows to around 3 foot tall and has narrow leaves with white vertical stripes. Costa Farms Sansevieria, Snake Live Indoor Plant 2 to 3-Feet Tall, Zeylanica, Green, PERFECT PLANTS Sansevieria Zeylanica Snake Plant | 16in Tall | Easy Care | Thrives in Low to Bright Light, Air Purifying 6in. Hopefully, this article has helped to explain how to grow a snake plant. Dracaena trifasciata is a species of flowering plant in the family Asparagaceae, native to tropical West Africa from Nigeria east to the Congo. I have a snake plant that must be 15 years old and doing beautifully! All varieties of the snake plant (genus sansevieria) are succulents that grow well indoors as houseplants.

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