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samsung forced defrost ice maker

Well the fridge is a Samsung and I am currently listening to the beeping of the defrost. To date, I have had no further problems and will update when I have further information. I know from other CAS actions, that I will most likely get a check for a buck fifty, but Samsung will have to pay out the nose so there's that. Did all the repairs many of you talked about but it still won't make ice. then after it gets low d) Turn on the ice maker and go back to a)Seems to be good! They're fine as far as I can tell. We have outlined the various ways to reset your ice maker by style and brand in this guide. Then with each defrost cycle, the channels within the styrofoam grow in size until water is exposed in the dome over the fan housing. I noticed my ice came out with some pieces looking wet so I lowered the temp and now instead of at least once a week I go a couple of weeks or more.Our icemaker is in the top of the refrigerator and I think everytime the doors gets opened the ice maker warms up a bit. Model is RF31FMESBSR. The most recent I can find is May 24, 2017 (bulletin number ASC20170602002 and step seven is very interesting, "7. Chatted with support. Thanks again. I'm actually having the Geek Squad guy back to the house today. "When I mentioned the Service bulletin the chat support said:I am afraid; it is not a service bulletin related to Samsung.It appears they have a policy of ignore and deny. I usually start with the smooth side of a meat tenderizer and knock off all the exterior ice I can. There are many situations you can resolve yourself and we bring a wealth of knowledge from our industry and pass it on to you so you can save time and money. Loud buzzing noise and it was annoying. They said unplug, re-set AND run 3 gallons of water through system too. Very helpful - thanks for all the info. Red +, black - and it worked fine. I follow the directions from one of the original comments to defrost it by using the panel and the Fd then I get hot water in a little bowl and steam if for 15 mins then I get to work scraping and knocking all the the chunks of ice out. “fd” is the one you want. THE FIX: Extend the white tube at the top of the ice maker (roof) by 1/2 inch and extend upward the squarish box that the tube drains into by 1/2 inch with a wrap or two of plastic tape (this controls the water flow without splashing to other parts of the ice maker.) The drain chute is left justified so today, after de icing again in the last 2 months, I raised the right front foot as much as I could to try and help push water towards the drain. I have pressed the reset button a hundred times and get nothing, no chime or any noise. I'd be willing to bet you'll end up with the same issue at about the same time frame again. Part number is different from the one in my fridge: mine: DA41-00826A (interestingly, board said "version 1.0", perhaps expecting to have to design future versions? Voila, then completely frozen again. 'big ed'. Within a week I had a 1"x1"x3" log of ice perfectly formed on the dome over where the fan would be. I love the fridge otherwise, so I'll just some annual preventative maintenance as described here.I hope this helps. Has nobody found a fix that has lasted? Your refrigerator and freezer combo runs through cycles of defrosting and maintaining itself, usually without us ever even realizing it—one of the luxuries of modern technologies. Have the four door Samsung and ice maker a constant problem. My French Door Samsung almost made it 5 years. stay tuned! Not sure what this means. I thought Samsung was the top of the line, but I am about to put this to the curb. He then ordered the "only" sealer (made by Samsung and VERY expensive) that would seal the unit and keep this from happening again. performed service bulletin repairs but still had ice dam in one month. Jerry M. is a Facebook group of 6k+ people having the exact same issues and getting full refunds for their crap Samsung refrigerators... Might be worth checking out. To date, there has been no further problems, and I will update here with new information. On my unit it’s the fridge and coolSelect+.Thanks, I found this searching for easy answers to the Ice Maker on our Samsung freezing up and not making ice. Finally I explained the situation to Geek Squad and they ordered all possible parts right then and there so they were already at my house when the repair guy showed up. Now I am trying to defrost it using the instructions above. It has 2 ice makers, one in the refrigerator which is the problem and the other in the pull out drawer freezer. He ordered the part and replaced it. Also what did the controller board look like (approximate size/wire harness) and how involved was that replacement? If you contact Samsung and insist nicely that they “accommodate” you with this repair, you may have your out of warranty ice maker problem solved as well. I have set the ice maker to fd for ice maker defrost. Jerry. I will post their emails on this site so everyone can contact the lot. That square vent hole is freezing up solid. I also extended upward the walls of the filling reservoir (funnel to the ice making mechanism) by about a 1/8 to 1/4". I extended that tube by simply adding about 1/4 inch to the refill tube by a couple of wraps of plastic tape around the end. Tke a good look you can not believe what has to be done. Check out some other Ice maker brands here. WE NEED A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT. I will never again purchase a product built by Samsung nor any Kosraean manufacture nor will I ever purchase anything from Best Buy. It is almost 2 years old now from Best Buy. I am thinking it is not worth my time.Not sure what to do about this. also, these fridges leak water underneath the deli tray. Ice worked fine, but 2-3 days later the fridge fan started to buzz again and then it just stopped making any noise which is when the refrigerator stopped getting cold.I didn't call them back because I figured I would get more of the same type work.This is what I did. worked great until all the freon leaked out of the refrigerator from bending that ice maker coil 100 times to remove the ice maker and de-ice the "ice house". Use this guide to DIY troubleshoot and get back to making ice in no time. As others have reported my rectangular duct from the 12V fan was blocked solid with ice. What I do now, after trying all kinds of things, is about once a month I take my wife's hair dryer and run it on high for about 10 minutes inside the ice maker to melt all the ice and frost build up of and then it will run normal for another month or so. I had three service technicians before I had one who knew about the service bulletins for this model ice maker, and my ice maker needed all the steps completed including the air gap to the refrigerator compartment.Here is the link to the ASC20170602002 service bulletin so you can check out your refrigerator and show it to the next service technician if the need it. Our fridge was growling intermittently over the past couple weeks. I have a Samsung 4 door, RF23J9011SRAA. Ice bin was frozen up inside ice maker and jamming up mechanism to dispense ice. I think when you've lowered the temperature in your refrigerator closer to the freezing point The air did not get warm enough to start defrosting some of the ice or melting it down. Just hardly any ice. When ICE MAKER(FF) does not operate 1. I will be sure to take a pic of the updated controller board when the guy is here today and the back is off the fridge, but I'm not sure it will make that much of a difference for you; it certainly hasn't for us. It just kept it up. I don't have a warranty. We all have spent too much money to just give up. thanks! I assume ronb's comment is directed at the comment above his. However, since there was so much ice in the ice maker vent like it was not draining, raised the front of the fridge another 1/8-3/16 inch. If you order a new icemaker on Amazon, search for "DA9712317A". I have done jerrys solution several times before I knew it was his solution after finding this site today. Are you sure you are talking about the same fix?PSPS: I am sure that many people would love to have the actual service bulletin. Now, let's cross our fingers and hope the repair works! I have the same problem occurring after 11 months since we bought the samsung french door, Service man is coming tomorrow.Reading all posts above, there are mentions to different posible culprits:-Faulty sealing of ice maker chamber. The last call from Samsung mentioned that they are speaking to "upper management" to request they buy back the refrigerator. I think I have found a solution on why the frost builds up on the freezer. There is a photo detector to gauge whether the ice level in the bucket is full. Locate the reset button. I started getting wet. my Samsung microwave died a month later, Samsung units looks great works like crap!I will never buy a Samsung Appliance again. Sorry. To the four walls, I added about the same 1/4 inch upward to the four sides by using the same plastic tape. I didn't yet know about the FD mode forced defrost.About that time the fan noise in the fridge started going on and off all day long. I am going to check into the class action suit. Customer Relations e-mail is My Samsung is a little more very three years old and I have had this proble since the beginning. The top icemaker lasts about 3 weeks before it ices over and cubes get clogged in the top and won't let them drop. Now I must have a clogged drain for condensation line because water is building up under the drawer in the refrigerator compartment. thank everyone for the specifics! Not that it's any consolation at all, but I've found a temporary "Work Around" because I got tired of "blow drying" every week or so to get rid of frozen ice buildup in the ice maker compartment just so we could get ice from our $2300 piece of crap! Then I use a steel flex spout funnel and a hair dryer, alternating warm and cool temps, to focus air on the most dense ice freezes and gradually thaw may way to the rectangular circulation vent. Chris,The service technician who worked on our samsung (doesn’t deserved to be capitalized) said from his point of view, a Frigidaire is the best refrigerator to buy. This guide from Samsung will show you where to locate your reset button, depending on what type of fridge style you have. I finally decided to go "nuclear quote and shut the entire refrigerator down by a circuit breaker. My model # is different but the freezer is similar & I have a display screen like yours. Could you please share more detailed explanation/photos of your approach? What I am doing after FULLY defrosted is a) make ice b) turn OFF the ice maker c) use ice. Well it is Feb.2018 and you all guessed it. So I decided to pull out the assembly thats in the back under that coil. Just send the repair guy out to tell me what I already know (I need a new control board), so he can order it for me under warranty. I have a samsung RF263BEAEBC/AA...i jave had this frig for just about 2 years and have always had problems with ice maker getting stuck and not working... i have also had problem with the water holding tank freezing up and not letting the water fix that i turned the frig setting to the highest setting and heated it up to thaw it out...knock on wook this has helped...but now the ice maker wont work what so ever...i hit the reset button and nothing happens...i noticed it was frosted up so i took the blow dryer and thawed it still no ice...(no the ice is not turned off) still really i am trying the defrost mode...any idea how long i cab let this mode run for? Do you have a contact to suggest at Samsung so we too can demand our refund? I hope the Koreans responsible for the design mess and the Koreans who subscribe to the sales/marketing theory "let the buyer beware" rot in hell. Thanks, Jeff. 1. I tried the forced defrost and it did nothing. Thanks for the blog and all the posts. Follow the instructions on this video. It may not be exact as it probably relies on several factors. Upon researching the problem I found many blogs that indicate this is a known issue that has been going on for quite a while. I pulled the ice bucket out, and the ice maker has about 3/4" of frost/ice caked onto the bottom. Page 27: Using The Ice Off Function Same issue with my fridge purchased Dec 2015. THANK YOU. It's useful than Samsung's live chat. Coupled with suggestion of sealing off areas between ice maker housing and refrigerator has led to good results so far (about a month). I spent ALOT of money on this model and demand Samsung refund me. clamped a plastic piece to even the bottom surface/edge of water feeding cylinder on premise of spray leaking backwards when filling, which would explain how water was flowing over freon element and into fan chamber. Yeah... unfortunately, that won't do anything to solve the problem. We may call them as well since this is actually the 4th fridge we have had delivered to us from Lowes in the last 3 months because of problems - 2 Frigidaires and now 2 Samsungs. Samsung refrigerators are often the star of the kitchen, but these appliances are known for freezing over, which might be the reason you’re here. I took the entire ice maker apart and found only the Freon tube frozen over six months ago. Seriously please dont buy the fridge with ice maker you will be very disappointed in customer service and getting your refrigerator (ice maker) fixed. Now that my warranty is expired, I'm fu#%?$ because the ice maker is junk. You guys helped me fix the ice maker dripping and freezing-over problem on a Samsung RF24FSEDBSR. There is a fairly permanent puddle in the bottom of the refrigerator, and often there is so much water it pours out of the front and onto the floor (and also into the bottom freezer, creating giant chunks of ice and icicles). I removed the ice tray turned the ice maker off and took several glasses of very hot water and put them where the ice tray goes. However, you can’t just bleach it like you would a bathtub or laundry. 4 french door model RF28K9070SR. Everything was fine until yesterday I noticed water all over my floor. I'm so sick of this refrigerator. Mine is 2 years old. I injected additional foam insulation (used for filling between studs behind drywall) to extend the foam along the coil so water would drip into the tray of the ice maker during defrost (about 3/4"). I finally performed the defrost today. It takes persistence with a nice attitude. Best Buy is also responsible - they choose to ignore their responsibility and should accompany the Samsung folks when they "rot in hell". The very slow drip can cause a gradual buildup of ice on top of the ice maker over time.I ordered the replacement valve, confirmed that it stopped the drip, and the ice maker is working again. My ice maker froze shut. If its under warranty and they try and repair it 3 times with no luck Samsung will refund your complete purchase price of the refrigerator and come pick it up from your home. Samsung's customer service is BEYOND abysmal. What causes Samsung ice makers to freeze up? I poured hot water down again and it drained like a charm. I bought the same Samsung French door refrigerator about 16 months ago. thanks! 2. DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG. I have heard some where that there is a pending law suit on the ice maker. But, the drawer is frozen shut right now. It never went to a black screen or to any other screen. I love my French Door Samsung, well I did for the first two years, perfect functioning. He also told me, since there is no warranty, I'd be better off buying a new unit as the repairs would probably cost me more and I'd still be stuck with the Samsung.We had a local sale at Lowe's and we traded up to a similar Stainless Frigidaire unit and I couldn't be happier. Specifically the size, placement, and purpose of the styrofoam? Thanks! The gasket it's self is hollow so if you can find material like bubble wrap and cut it into small strips you can pack the gasket and I don't make a better seal with the bottom of the icemaker. Replace the Ice Maker Assembly in all cases." From all of your contacts with Cust. I check the ice maker every month and find NO ICE buildup. There is a tech bulletin available that has settings for doubling the defrost cycle. The genius who designed it decided that the defrost cycle, which happens on a regular basis, should drain directly into… the bottom of the ice maker … Then will see where we are in a few hours. Not that this is a solution. I told her bout possible legal action,and she said it wouldn't be worth my time because I can't win. The refrigerator is cold, we have ice. I defrost it every other week. We had the Samsung repairman out 3 times. Hopefully that will keep the icemaker problems at bay. Poor design. The issues were with the ice maker and the water dispenser pressure. I will continue to follow your updates. The problem still exist. Using the Ice & Water Dispenser together • To test the ice maker, press the Test button on the ice maker. we love the convenience of the ice maker, just not happy with this one. The Geek squad replaced the auger unit (with the fan) and the tray unit. I got the replacement icemaker, but before installing it I discovered the following:After I removed the icemaker, I discovered that a rectangular orifice on the fridge behind where the icemaker mounts was blocked with ice. Every 3 weeks or so it freezes up and will not produce ice. I defrosted the ice maker a few times. When you open the lower freezer drawer 9 out of ten times a ice cube falls on the ground. Thankfully, I've not had it pour out on the floor. Can't get Forced Defrost. They told me that the appliances are built like garbage now. I ordered new one and it had different number but was same board (no new components): DA 92-00594B. We paid for the extended warranty been having the problems with the ice maker we called samsung they can't find nobody in our area to come and look at our refrigerator and said if we can find someone to pay for the repairs ourself and we would get reimbursed thats not going to happen i don't trust Samsung and never buy a nother unit from Best Buy again this thing has been a big piece of junk. This has worked in the past with other corps. Since its founding over 40 years ago, Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. You can disconnect the fan at the back of the auger housing.- Dried everything, reinstalled the auger and ice maker- Checked fridge level front to back with a small level placed on the shelves (tried several places). I agree with the person before me about a class action lawsuit. Anyone know how to initiate the defrost for this fridge? The design is very compact, takes up little space - like 1/2 the volume of our old ice maker. I removed the ice, ran a forced defrost cycle, and the unit started working again. Some ice makers have a built-in reset switch, and others (like portable ice makers) have to be unplugged for a few minutes. I'd call a service company, but I feel like they wouldn't really know what was going on and just charge me to come out and make their standard "fixes" which wouldn't resolve the issue. Every action takes 48 hours. Electrolux is great too (on certain items), but you definitely pay a premium. I am just trying to figure out why I didn't notice this until a year after purchase. In that case caulking usually works . I just got off the phone with Samsung's horrible Executive Customer Relations team who told me that they could find no evidence of the existence of the service bulletin mentioned here. Please do as i have and file a consumer complaint with the federal trade commission at FTC.GOV if enough people file complaints they may file a class action lawsuit against Samsung in our behalf. We have a samsung RF24FSEDBSR. I had my ice maker frozen shut yesterday. Posted on September 15, 2020. Travel theme. It was DEAD and there was no way to fix it! HELP! My Samsung French door is also doing the same thing. Especially for the service bulletin!Even though my refrigerator is a few months out of warranty, I have gotten some response from support and I think they may handle the repair costs. By listening closely we figured the noise had to be from the ice maker as everything else seemed to be fine. I sucked that water out, put the back panel back on and plugged it back in. Heated and removed all blocked ice and it worked great for one week and another total freeze up. Tried raising the freezer temp to 0 from -2. The ice maker contains a design flaw - Samsung knows of the problem and has chosen to do nothi8ng to correct the problem nor compensate the customers for the problem. We bought the fridge as a floor model. And you could see that the ice was not really frozen, and a bit wet.Now it has minimal with frost. We tried to take the ice bucket out but it was frozen in place. To reset the ice maker of your Samsung refrigerator after a power outage, do the following… 1. I have the same unit but opposite issue. Pull out the ice tray. This would minimize or eliminate any possible splashing from the tube to the outside of the reservoir. I have had it for 4 years and the last two years I routinely defrost (once I can actually get the tray out) the ice maker every 3-4 weeks. FWIW, I would never EVER purchase a Samsung large appliance. He replaced the ice maker and the control board. They never did fix it. My ice box is also stuck frozen and the code to defrost just the ice box is not working at all on my unit, when i hold down the fridge and energy saver buttons even for a long time nothing!!! I think it's a good idea/solution! We bought my in-laws the exact same fridge as a gift and low and behold, about exactly a year to the day they got it installed, it failed on them (just like it did us and just like it did many others). Thanks. I discovered that the icemaker needs to be pulled out. I'm not sure what to do next. But then all the original lights came back on. I'm junking mine and buying frigidaire. Unless you go side-by-side, is there any way to get ice and water in the door without having this same problem on the new fridge. Does it really stop after five minutes? Not sure that it would actually do anything in your case, but it sounds like the only thing you haven't done. Just stays blank. I called Samsung and was told I'd have to pay for a service call because the replacement icemaker only had a 90 day warranty. The energy saving mode exacerbates the problem. I remove what ice I can with a long shaft slotted screw driver. The technician replaced the ice maker and told me that they would not fix this unit under warranty if there were any issues with the new unit he installed. Besides, there is plenty of water purposely poured into, to make the ice.-Failure to drain water due to incorrect leveling of the appliance or clogged drain path. Here's a summary of what I have read on the icemaker, there are several issues with it.1. I wish I had read more of the reviews on this problem. I shut off the water supply line and it stopped. is refrigerant tube an issue? UPDATE 1-17-16: The Samsung Ice Maker has failed again. If you have a best buy warranty wait out manufacturer warranty. Sorry you're having so much trouble beating this one! I don't see the answer to whether you need to empty the refrigerator or not. Also, yesterday it sounded like it was in power cool all day. three weeks in and ice blocked again. After 20 LONG months we finally got rid of our piece of junk, wood-floor-ruining Samsung French Door refrigerator/freezer. They will hear you if you don't take no for an answer. Anyone else have this problem with the panel? [UPDATE 8-29-16]: The solution, sent out to all Samsung service Techs in a bulletin, is in the new post on this subject here. sorry for the lack of pictures. Technician stated that I needed to request Samsung to change "process ID to warranty" so he could order parts and stated he would return on October 27 to preform the repair. Ever. If you Google, "Samung DA97-15217A Ice Maker Removal Instructions", you'll find great instructions. I would remove the panel and take a look to find out for you, but the way our cabinets are arranged it's a pretty involved process to get the fridge out. Same problem with ice maker freezing up. When I press and hold energy saver and freezer buttons I will beep and show a FF on the right where it normally shows fridge temp. It takes right at 30 days to freeze that air passage to where I notice ice deterioration. Our 18 month old Samsung French door 9070SR model has begun leaking water into the freezer. Freezer temp is set at 0. Water will be automatically supplied to the Ice Maker depending on temperature & time conditions, and ice will be produced to dispense. I brought in my shop vac and used the attachment that is more narrow then the big hose. I did not purchase an extended warranty. Thaw it out and you get ice for another week or two. Then I will keep you updated. I am having the exact same problem. In fact, after doing it once, it will go in and out in less than a minute. Any suggestions? Really have no solution other than if anyone does find a good lead on this being a class lawsuit I'd like to know and otherwise keep taking the cube maker out regularly and cleaning out the ice build up (I find a spatula works well!). It prevents the auto defrosting of the cooling coil inside the ice maker. The screen dose not go black and I have not found a way to cycle it. Then everything worked for about 4 days. Just bought this refrigerator in September 2018 and continue to have ice overs in the ice maker. It was completely blocked, so we will see. The "technician" came out on October 14, and stated that the compressor load was hot. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Actually, I took it apart a week ago, and it looked clean.

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