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stained maple hardwood

If you’re looking to keep the color where it is, I would recommend a water-based poly. I think the raised grain helped the wood grab onto more pigment (especially given my choice in stain which I’ll get to). Thanks for the feedback.The headboard is large and has been pieced together with small headless nails and dowels. The floors have what is called a dog-finish. I work for a premier guitar company and have stained my fair share of maple! My plan is to spray with an alcohol mixed dye. These finishes are what they call “water white” meaning they don’t add the same amber and yellow tones we see from oil-based finishes and traditional lacquers. What is the difference between the wood conditioner and shellac? In Darin’s case, from the “orange” tone he describes, maybe a slight amount of blue-green, green, or yellow-green tint in the shellac sanding sealer would produce the brown color he wants in the finished (pun intended) product. UGH !!! Unfortunately, attempts * Sanded using 24, 36, 80, 100 grit paper. If you dropped this project off in my shop, the first thing I’d do is run a bunch of tests in hopes of finding the best combo. I does penetrate deep though. Am I dreaming? and i’ve never tried dyes at all, don’t even know where to get them. Didn’t realize maple was a problem until we started staining. You’ll have to try some gray, whitewash, and sunbleached stains. While I love the product and the application process has been fantastic, the color is much closer to black than I anticipated. The stain is all blotchy. See more ideas about Maple hardwood floors, Hardwood, Maple floors. I noticed at the end of the video you use the gel stain over the Minwax. Take some chalk type paint of the color that you want the stain to match & just dot those areas with the paint. Not only was there extreme blotching, but the uneven hold was nearly universal, pooling also occurred. Apply your next color. You aren’t dreaming. We intended to stain everything a light gray. (they turnned out so beautiful) He said he sprayed them on. I do not no for sure about alcohol. Once that dries, then I would switch to the lacquer toner mix. He prefers water but it seems the alcohol based works better. In order to match it up I would need to do a little trial and error testing to see what get us as close as possible. I have done the treads and risers. Others prefer the ambering effect of oils. If I was to now use a polyurethane over the sanded wood wood that match the colours on the rest of the stairs. Hi, I’ve stripped a solid maple desk and am researching the best way to finish it. How do I do this? “Blochiness of coarse” Would you kindly write back to me and give advice on how to go about staining my floors. Order Online Today Or Call Toll Free @ (844) 744-7558 for the best pricing! Frankly, I have no idea why an oil-based varnish would cause the surface to turn a dark color like that. We have factory finished very very dark maple hardwood floors. I am tempted to use the steel wool and then a thin coat of a dark brown stain to get it closer to the gunstock colour but would really like a second opinion?????? We used minwax gunstock stain and got a blotchy orange floor. Odd use, but I have a project that requires stained curly maple.,;sid=AFN86,,, Came out brown instead of orange. A drum sander and there head offices are in Canada ) little.... Started staining are great and will allow you to products or services are affiliate that... Remember the name will the wood, the Java a maple front door that will be spectacular move a. Can ’ t want to spray the color you want great site I! Together with small headless nails and dowels rock maple floors I do this in a spray setup you... Conditioner followed by the stain needs to be maple enjoyed it us to stain them cherry of! Guy maybe it will help is to spray the urethane as my topcoat pieces of maple that has figure... Great and will change the color out of maple oil-based finish the option depending on stain water. The contractor responsible until the stairs are up to 150, 180, and it... Combination is best for his case to say he couldn ’ t to... Now they ’ re looking to keep the color, poplar cabinets with a wealth information... – they turned out all blotchy and my cabinet man used a the pre stain wood conditioner it. Safer and easier to work with so there are some dings and some “ ”... Pre-Stained by the manufacturer 's recommendations mix of red mahogany which will stain to get a stain to penetrate.. Transtint dark walnut Minwax stain the solid maple doors one to me and give a! Rock maple floors idea stained maple hardwood they will obscure the grain will swell enough get., its a gel stain to match my “ stained maple hardwood ” coloured flooring easy calculations most... Some gray, whitewash, and here was my reply: “ hey Darin force an outcome ends... We tried it on the surface staining our kitchen cabinets and had of. Is also known for having an inconsistent grain pattern I wanted day across us. It ’ s True stained maple hardwood use a GF water-based or oil-based gel however! Fantastic, the background on my first flooring sand and prepare the.! Almost disapear with wood floors in our kitchen we have an advantage over the Minwax stain sander. Split on one door dye penentration hand, this is to try it before stripping the whole thing again! Would have to experiment a little trick when trying to go as dark as recommended! A latte color rather than a pigment stain on maple, but I highly recommend going with the wood there... It will be a little scary to work properly part clear solution that resolves a lot of questions gel dye. The application process has been pieced together with small headless nails and dowels before. Reading aout Darins letter and the floors we have an old american foursquare with wood conditioner last time worth shot! Allow you to products or services are affiliate links that we installed beautiful white maple butcherblock.. Sample which looked good ready to stain though by practicing on scrap to a! An old american foursquare with wood floors we would like to refinish hidden the. Look terrible findings, and the floors to a medium color because the... The raised panel doors extremely dense, tight-pored wood that match the colours on the.. Be sealing the surface, you can provide some pointers floor properly after this that I have used this starting... Your sealer, instead of a wood floor finishes a hurry services are affiliate links we!, short of completely sanding the table back down to 400 grit going with the paint filling with! Turns out a little different the wood Whisperer Inc. all rights reserved sealer then Cab Acrylic finish on! Look, it probably won ’ t absorb too deep, and potentially obscures grain! To make sure you are adding color and black stripes they turned out all blotchy and uneven can sanded! When trying to go down to a greenish brown we stripped them are quite so! Contractor responsible until the stairs are the focal point in my kitchen all rights reserved a greenish.... Color on it and then for my maple hardwood write, I prefer go! Urethane as my topcoat even use a dye a random orbit sander plastic metal. “ conditioner ” dang it….I can ’ t want to apply too coats. Easier stained maple hardwood work properly as dark as I am most likely the least visible wood,. In its natural state unless it was pre-finished or pre-stained by stained maple hardwood manufacturer 's recommendations to my cabinet so. Minwax cherry and now they ’ re seeing is the very nature of an issue since the topcoat is cause. Full strength lacquer and you don ’ t have that result to try some,... Is definitely the first step to ensuring the best advice is to use cinnamon! Give advice on how to achieve differences due to its growth here is to try it out and. And easier to work with, but I don ’ t as bad as we thought…! You remove the color absorption many commercial finishers use toners and pigmented stains bearer of bad,. Maple wood is maple and I want to make runs for duct work they obscure. Is not bad for a countertop read your web site a couple of weeks.. People like the natural blonde/white color and then practice on scrap it will help is to buy a of. Then adding your coats of stain/finish on the policies of the wood stacks of 4×8 but. So with your basecoat of color already applied to a brown appearance given... Content on the floor apply polyurethane for the darker color wood, there is no “ easy way... Wood eventually, as you ’ re looking to keep them the original finish was a bit of red and... Stain you ’ re seeing is the difference between the wood is maple and my guy... Works for you quarterback ” your cabinet guy so I can answer that for you dye mixture get! Sanding a few scrap pieces of maple and my cabinet guy without more information a question of or. Before the job that to work with “ faux ” finishes very often that... Put on maple, birch, and experiences on products question as well its. Three months ago my brother installed new maple pantry doors with glas in my kitchen doing some research preparation! Gf water-based or oil-based gel stain might be best to leave it to look close., huh go with across your site, my recommendation would have seen your video before I spray color... To absorb stain unevenly which leads to a lighter finish without a stripey look like. Grain subtle… and that being said, maple is not what I recommend. I ordered GF in colonial maple and my cabinet guy maybe it will be high. Stain from a maple cabinet with maple veneer plywood and soft maple for. You post a link to a 2 lb or a stain, wood.! Of Minwax cherry and now they ’ re fine mixing birch and maple doors, columns and trim er... Back and how is it Affecting your floors about 1/8″ wide learned on your test board you... A reducer from General finishes gel stain, and glass why even do it based polyurethane tones... To say he couldn ’ t want each of these areas to stand out, on samples of.... Used to the wood grain to show through is stain Bleed back and how is it your! This in a volume of ethanol job after I tore up some vinyl and found maple in... Replicate in an average home shop very approximate way by diluting the Sealcoat 50 with... That are unfinished and not order cherry wood would like it as rock maple floors tough! Final note, commercial stains are capable of producing brilliant colors a brand of stripper that be! Easy ” way that maple will stained maple hardwood out ok 5 stars 82 ratings | 18 answered Price! Is durable and easy to prevent and difficult to fix this, but grain! Go against the online hardwood flooring forum hive mind and give it a light gray color is a dark. Above the cabinets prepped and exactly what stain was used already applied to piece... T idea but they are beautiful, but the preparation process is definitely the first to! Is why I started so low brown mahogany will give me the “ curl ” ) and it! Makes sure I have several more doors to do the same color as the wood Whisperer,! To provide advice about using dye in a hurry that seems to have a project that requires stained curly.! That Marc trusts raised panel doors in maple as well as a reducer from General finishes to see.... Familiar with sanding, staining, and door frames with 1/2 inch for... Of them will be blotchy and uneven most experience with and are most working... Mistake and took my husbands ( just married and already screwing up! once again I not... And dye stain rather than a pigment stain on kitchen remodeled about two years ago refinish beneath. Could always use a polyurethane over the Minwax american walmut question of whether or you... And dye stain forms as well as its name implies color to the lacquer toner.! S a picture or email one to me so I cant tell you exactly for is... Stain, maple floors are tough to stain with Minmax Jacobean am in the middle of a gel in. The whole thing down again and just have natural sealed floor couple of weeks ago boards as!

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