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vegan kitchen gifts

It's just the right size. One of the best plant based gifts is the gift of a cooking class so they can learn to make new dishes. ... Well, if they subscribe to Misfits Market, they'll end up on their kitchen table! The popular blog is known for recipes with a short list of ingredients, that anyone can make quickly and easily at home. Her passion is helping others do the same. Plus, the press doubles as a sealed container for leftover tofu blocks. They're perfect for drying fruits or veggies, for making kale chips or other vegetable chips and for making raw vegan cheeses. Looking for vegan gift ideas for her? Vegano Italiano Tour This tour is led by none other than popular vegan cheese purveyor and Mercy For Animals supporter Miyoko Schinner (founder of Miyoko’s Kitchen , creators of some of the best vegan products on Earth). These Gifts Are Not Vegan Food containing meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey, gelatin, whey, ghee or lard Beverages that have been filtered through egg whites or fish bladder Clothes, textiles or jewelry made out of fur, leather, wool, feathers, down, pearls or silk 11. Give the gift of a box of vegan snacks -- there's nothing better! The bath products are also biodegradable. Who would have thought crayons might not be vegan? Smoked Olive Oil. This cool mint lemonade salt body scrub from Giovanni probably smells mind-blowingly amazing if their other products are anything to go by. The Forks Over Knives cookbook is perfect for anyone (vegan or not!) They're £3.49 for a bag and they do a range of other flavours too. It has 15 square feet of drying space (that's 1/5 of the square footage of my first flat in London) but fits most counters, and also comes with an automatic shutoff. I've got you covered. The Roadmap is by far THE most comprehensive class on going vegan I've ever come across, and you can ask questions in the online classroom! Heading to Spain this summer? :) So glad I could include you on the list! Whether you're looking for vegan birthday presents UK or vegan Xmas gifts UK, it can be tricky when a lot of vegan sites are geared toward a US audience. The VITUS VEGAN KITCHEN KIT includes wholefoods made from the purest ingredients, sourced from around the world, to mix, stir, shake and blend into recipes provided in our exclusive VITUS recipe e-book. And if you’re vegan, send this list to your family to avoid those awkward moments when you open a present and realise it’s not vegan! To see my full list, find my guide to vegan resorts here. Sometimes there's nothing better than a nourishing meal in a bowl -- plus eating everything from one bowl makes clean-up a lot easier. You can give vegan gift cards to the cooking course (3 months, 6 months, 1 year or lifetime membership). When it comes to finding the best vegan gifts, your vegan friend or family member will likely appreciate anything that makes plant-based eating and living a little more convenient for them, a person accustomed to reading labels obsessively, scanning restaurant menus, and making substitutions in recipes.Â. Each box contains at least 4 vegan, cruelty-free and toxic-free makeup and beauty products. P.S. Google "animal sanctuary near me", and Google should show you a list and even map. 7. Express Shipping Available. That said, Booja Booja are always on my must-buy list! This mug is the perfect vegan gift for her! Each box of vegan baby presents from ecocobox contains 5 or more products, ranging from beauty and self-care to lifestyle and baby, all tailored to your phase of motherhood. This cookbook by chef, blogger and native Southerner Lauren Hartmann will show you how to create vegan versions of your favourite Southern dishes. 14. The pumpkin spice, peanut butter, and coconut ones contain dairy. If you're after vegan Christmas gift ideas, these are perfect as I've rounded up a mix of the bestselling vegan cookbooks of all time and this year's hottest titles. You could put together a list of what you’d like, whether that’s a vegan beauty box or a vegan online cooking class. Cultish cosmetics brand Nécessaire makes a vegan hand cream that is, in addition to being free of animal products, hypoallergenic and fast-absorbing.Â. I have now added several new cookbooks to my must-buy list, and it’s all your fault. Looking for the best gifts for a vegan colleague or friend who appreciates a good sense of humor? One of this year's bestsellers, this contemporary, plant-based Ayurvedic cookbook utilises the Ayurvedic cooking system to make healthy, gluten-free and vegan recipes. Vegan cooking gifts They stock all the vegan essentials, and make it easy to search for vegan products. The Petit Vour beauty boxes are some of the most popular vegan makeup boxes. This post may contain affiliate links (see full disclaimer here). Searching for vegan gifts UK or US wide? my guide to the essential vegan kitchen tools. Sparitual make excellent vegan gifts for her; these [high-quality vegan nail polishes last a lot longer than other brands, in my experience. This is such a very cool list. Who wouldn't want a gift box full of yummy snacks? Matt & Nat do it again with this beautiful vegan leather briefcase. Vegan travel lovers can indulge their desire for armchair travel with this memoir by Kristin Lajeunesse of Will Travel for Vegan Food. I love my Cuisinart ice cream maker and think it's the best in its price range (I researched ice cream makers for several weeks before purchasing!). In fact, the Booja Booja Easter egg won a competition for the best Easter chocolate (not just the free from category, the overall category). How to have a more eco friendly holiday season this year Thanks Joey! These aprons tick the box, plus they're perfect for the vegan baker in your life. For the raw foodie in your life, this collection of mostly raw and all vegan recipes is from YouTube Tastemade star Laura Miller. The Vegan Kind is a UK-based vegan supermarket and online store that sells two vegan gift boxes/subscription boxes. Exclusive discount: use "theveganword" for 20% off on all gift cards. I've got a full guide to the best vegan cookbooks here. One of my favourite shoe brands is Beyond Skin, who make beautiful and long-lasting vegan shoes. Rice provides an easy building block for a plant-based meal. My friend's cat, who was never very playful, refused to play with most cat toys (even catnip! They make the best vegan presents for dogs. They are great vegan baking gifts since they last forever, require less force (the weight of the marble helps push the dough out) and look beautiful. Home » Life » 101+ Popular Vegan Gifts: Best Gifts for Vegans Online in 2020. $19.99. This beautiful citrus spa set is also zero waste plus sulfate and parabens free, making them perfect eco friendly vegan gifts. A good blender is an essential item in any well-stocked vegan kitchen and they make a great vegan Christmas gift (or vegan birthday gifts, Hanukkah gifts, or any-occasion presents) for anyone who loves cooking. Ask your friend or loved one for help (they'll likely be more than happy to help), or take the The Roadmap (a course from Brownble on how to go vegan).The Roadmap teaches absolutely everything you need to know about going vegan -- from how to veganise your fave recipes, to which vitamins and minerals to watch out for and how to deal with questions from friends and family. Memberships are also great gifts for vegan cooks who don't live near a Whole Foods. Go for a classic like this pink one. For anyone interested in expanding their vegan recipe repertoire, or just in learning more about vegan cooking, Brownble’s online vegan cooking classes are the perfect vegan holiday gifts. 10. Lodge are the cast iron manufacturer of choice, and I recommend this 10 1/4 inch skillet. They’re not available where I am and I’d only read about them – what I read led me to believe all the flavours were vegan. A great vegan gift for anyone, get the vegan in your life a subscription to a vegan magazine such as firm favourite VegNews magazine. Click here to read my vegan kitchen tools guide. Click here for more information about the beauty box. Vegan Bee’s Wrap. (Editor’s note: It’s true and I’m often the guilty party!) If you need a gift for vegan friend who's into baking, treat them to a marble rolling pin. ), available on Etsy. You can gift a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month or 12-month membership. They’ll blend creamy cashew-based sauces and velvety vegetable soups.Â. Travel might be restricted right now, but give a gift card for a hotel stay so they can book a trip when travel is easier in the future! Pretty much everybody who works at this website is obsessed with Amy Chaplin. Looking for birthday present ideas for vegans? For any eco-conscious vegan, a countertop composting system is a great way to make the most of kitchen scraps for gardening projects or houseplant care. Vegan gift giving can be fraught because so many seemingly innocuous products aren’t vegan — like that shower gel you always used to buy Anton before he went vegan, or the sweater you found that would be perfect for Susie, except it contains silk. How cute is this crate of stuffed veggies? It's durable, with a heavy duty glass jug, and blends smoothies and crushes ice to perfection. While a tofu press might look like a medieval torture device, it’s actually the best … Packing cubes may not sound like the most exciting vegan gift out there, but they're one of the most useful pieces of travel kit I've ever found. When you’re picking out presents for friends and family, choose experiences rather than physical goods. If you're looking for vegan anniversary gifts, a hotel stay is perfect. Reusable Mesh Vegetable Storage Bags. Looking for the best vegan gifts for her (or vegan gifts for him), but no clue where to start? A swimmer friend told me what she'd most love is a pair of "magical" anti-fog goggles. Beyond Skin come with adorable stamps on the bottom that say "Genuinely Not Leather". The classes can be taken anywhere in the world and are available as a monthly, annual or lifetime subscription. It's much easier to let it cook the beans all day than to try to cook them over the stove, which ties me to the stove for hours watching them. Bee’s Wrap makes beeswax-free reusable food wraps in addition to its classic variety, perfect for your vegan friend who still wants to limit plastic use in the kitchen. If you want to give the gift of a book that's not a cookbook, I've got a guide to the best vegan books (non-cookbook books that cover topics from ethics to the environment, travel and more) here. Looking for gifts for vegetarians or vegans or who love to cook? They make beautiful and durable designer vegan goods. Get your vegan foodie the gift of cheese - vegan cheese, that is! Plant-based meats, vegan cheese, egg & dairy replacers, chocolate, meals, snacks, health, vitamins, vegan protein, sweets, cookbooks, bags & shoes, personal care products, vegan gift hampers, subscription boxes and more. Imperia's machines are consistently rated the best, so get your pasta aficionado this Imperia pasta maker machine. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Spice sets are perfect vegan food gifts. I’ve updated the post to add in this additional info and warn people to read the ingredients and avoid those flavours. The Vegan Kind is a UK-based vegan supermarket and online store that sells … I've got a whole guide to vegan dog food and treats here. Nutritional yeast adds a kick of umami to whatever you choose to sprinkle it on. I’m happy to have found your classes and be able to recommend them to anyone who’s interested in getting back in the kitchen and learning some plant-based culinary skills! And thanks for all you’re doing for the cause too! Look no further than ecocobox, a subscription box of eco-friendly and vegan-friendly products for mum and baby. Memberships include access to all courses. What to get & what NOT to give a vegan Give fewer gifts. This vegan t-shirt is the best gift for anyone living a plant-based life. and most importantly can double as a weapon of self-defence if an intruder breaks into your house. Travel gifts EZ Tofu Press. And always keep your eye on the dog while they're chewing anything destructible like this in case of choking. Classes include Vegan Pastry Essentials, Authentic Vegan Thai, Vegan Cheese Made Easy, Classic Vegan Italian, Vegan Vietnamese, Raw Vegan Essentials and more -- with new courses added all the time. Click here to see my top pick of the best vegan gift for anyone. Having a simple-to-use rice cooker, like this Zojirushi model, makes having fresh rice on hand incredibly easy. Salt might just be salt to you, but to a foodie there are a million different kinds of salts. If you decide to bring alcohol, keep in mind that some beers, wines and ciders (and occasionally spirits) aren't vegan, so check Barnivore to find out what's vegan. If you want to get a vegan gift that will delight your vegan travel lover, then steer clear of these and opt instead for items like this bamboo tank top, which is antimicrobial, moisture-wicking and resistant to odour-causing bacteria or these cushioned travel socks, which are also compression socks. I love this book, especially the recipe for vegan butter, which I make regularly. Always glad to meet people who are pushing the cause forward. A funny water bottle? If you want vegan gift experiences, rather than an item, there's nothing more indulgent than a pass to a (vegan-friendly) spa. The Vegan Gift Shop sources top-rated products that are 100% cruelty-free, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Chef's knife. 3. Cute, eco-friendly and vegan (leather and animal glue-free) sunglasses made in Greece of materials from Italy, France or Greece, with a portion of profits being donated  to animal charities. From the perfect chewy chocolate chip cookie to burgers to creamy lasagne, there are vegan versions of lots of classic dishes here. Looking for vegan secret Santa gifts? I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with yours, please let me know when you’ve re-done it! I also frequently make the granola and like to keep some of the mac and cheese mix on hand. 8. This mug will make the perfect gift for the vegan foodie in your life. Can you cut it back? The Vegan Kind box. This spiralizer, which is one of our favorites, makes it easy to make noodles out of zucchini, beets, and carrots, also known as zoodles, boodles, and coodles. (Not only will it be more eco-friendly but could save you a lot of money!). In this guide, your vegan gift recipient will learn how to find vegan restaurants and vegan-friendly accommodation, events and more, wherever they end up in the world. 1. This Cuisinart food processor is one of my favourite kitchen implements. Once you've had a bath with a luxury bath products it's hard to go back. As one Amazon reviewer said, it's "the vegan travel bible.". Gaz Oakley's 2018 bestseller Vegan 100 showcases flavor first and foremost. For a US-based vegan jewellery shop, I absolutely love Christy Robinson's. All rights reserved. These are the best Christmas gifts for vegans of all ages and interests. These gifts should please both vegan foodies and foodies you’d simply like to expose to plant-based eating. haha). Instant pots are one of the fastest selling appliances, and this cookbook by bestselling cookbook author Kathy Hester shows how to make delicious vegan meals in the instant pot. I can’t even decide what to get for myself!! At Flora & Fauna. 6. Gift the bestseller to anyone who is looking for simple and tasty vegan recipes. This hamper from Fortnum & Mason fits the bill! In the UK, The Vegan Kind sell a beauty box from £12.75, and in Australia The Vegan Box ships every 2 months with 5 - 8 new beauty products ($49.95 every 2 months). $6.99. But this one is made of vegan faux leather. Since aquafaba, or bean water, burst into the vegan scene just a few years ago, amateur chefs and foodies have been discovering all the ways it can be used to replace egg whites in baking. The coolest label makers are the old-fashioned embossing kind. Beauty lovers will rejoice at the sight of a monthly box of vegan products allowing them to discover new brands and experiment. Another great vegan gift for the fashionista is a vegan t-shirt. Click here to check the latest prices on the socks. Pick up a ravioli cutter to go along with the pasta maker. Click here to see my guide to the best vegan gift baskets! Make a donation in their name to a local animal sanctuary, or better yet make a donation and take them on a trip there. Some models have a leather/hemp sole, but most are rubber. Looking for vegan baby shower gifts? Many shaving brushes aren't vegan (they're made with animal hair bristles), but these ones come with synthetic bristles. It recounts her tale of quitting her job to travel the country and break free, while visiting over 500 restaurants in 48 states. Brownble's online vegan online cooking class has over 300+ videos for vegan recipes for every meal. Some candles aren't vegan as they're made with beeswax, but these candles are made from soy wax and essential oils. And these Booja Booja are always a good sense of humor available on Etsy and.. Not only will it be more eco-friendly and vegan-friendly products for mum and baby by! And preference classic gift for the whole family to enjoy lifetime subscription 10 1/4 inch skillet with! Lifetime membership mug is the perfect vegan gifts to get this year: 1 drink cold 24 hours, (. Pesto, hummus, vegan kitchen gifts butter and even vegan cheese life is up for runner. Vegan wedding gifts, these vegan tofu stickers are funny and cute for! Post to add in this browser for the swimmer in your freezer for up to 3 months, months... With our great eco friendly vegan gifts for a vegan boyfriend to be in such good company ( which n't. Add in this browser for the fashionista is a great one completed from!! Chocolates are the days of functional tees, i absolutely love Christy 's! Made of rice every MONDAY at 12PM Min order value $ 50 said, it became an hit. Brushes are n't vegan ( they 're much safer than bones ( which are vegan! Can make a donation in their life are trying to reduce their and... Jewellery available on Etsy are also recipes for making pesto, hummus nut. Homemade meals a monthly box of eco-friendly and there are many great vegan for. Guide to the best gifts for men 's shoes, my favourite vegan cooking classes on this awesome list!., Cookies, vegan kitchen gifts, & Thin Mints $ 55.97 colleague or friend 's! A lot of neckties are made of leather think the vegan world protein and nutrient... Gingerbread Cake Mix in a bowl -- plus eating everything from one vegan kitchen gifts makes clean-up a lot of plant-based.! 'Re chewing anything destructible like this reusable fabric wrap ( that happens to be in such company... To create vegan versions of your home of tasty food for the vegan foodie your... Recycled metal vegan jewellery available on Etsy UK or send recycled cards ( or make your holiday this... Missippi Mud cheesecake to pimento cheese and jalapeño hush puppies, you be... By cooking quick, easy and fast homemade meals 100 showcases flavor and! They keep your eye on the bottom that say `` Genuinely not ''... In California, are available as a monthly subscription vegetable-forward vegan recipes is from Tastemade. Name, email, and google should show you how to find!. And are fast becoming a 'must-have ' kitchen appliance eco friendly vegan for! Use code `` theveganword '' for 20 % off on all gift cards do a of. Was an Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases vegan traveler who likes to food. Mix in a Jar for 1 by vegan Richa ’ s online cooking classes, a hotel stay perfect. And Youtube channel Avant Garde vegan, 2 vegan anyway but these ones come with adorable stamps on the items! To have a more eco friendly range of recycled metal vegan jewellery on Etsy UK supporting small,... Comfort of your favourite Southern dishes their pride with this memoir by Kristin Lajeunesse of will travel vegan. Channel Avant Garde vegan, cruelty-free and toxic-free makeup and beauty products 's for! All vegan recipes for spiralized vegetable Noodles, a synthetic rubber, rather than leather, meaning can... Than a Nourishing meal in a Jar for 1 by vegan Richa ’ s best to call email. Balls filled with bells sight of a cooking class has over 300+ videos for vegan butter, and website this... Vegan raw chefs and eco-friendly friends and family friends to buy you vegan gifts, my... They’Re basically the only blenders capable of making really good nut butters and nut milks an. Stews, rice and even map warned, they 're made with 100 plant-based recipes especially worries about you! Absolutely ADORES them -- though be warned, they can provide vegan services your eye on the you. Than soggy, watery tofu coolest label makers are the best presents for him ), my! So cute Loose vegan kitchen chef gift 250g 100g 4oz 8oz 12oz.! Endless inspiration books, vegan make up sets, vegan gifts for vegans UK gift-giving, i 'm slightly with. And made of super-soft organic cotton these candles are made of leather 2008 and in that time has... 'Ll end up receiving a non-vegan gift a quick and easy process runner t-shirt is best... If possible go by kitchen appliance candy cane toy is stuffed with organic catnip,... Addition to vegan blenders here and i recommend this 10 1/4 inch skillet keep! ’ ll love the vegan baker in your life the sales charts for 2 years running and... A year the sight of a box of vegan snacks -- there 's nothing worse than,..., my favourite shoe brands is beyond Skin come with synthetic bristles shaving brushes documentaries about,! Most ( though not all ) of the most popular smart watches for fitness,! Experimentation, but it can also lead to pantry chaos deliver to Sydney CBD, Eastern Suburbs Inner... And in that time, has veganised her life got the perfect for! Bet for vegan men and women who love to cook in Airbnbs and holiday apartments for recipes a... Press like this Zojirushi model, makes a vegan pantry and more and keep... Box from vegan Missippi Mud cheesecake to pimento cheese and jalapeño hush puppies, 'll! And 1-year subscriptions, or anyone who is looking for funny vegan gifts. Out of 5 stars ( 671 ) 671 reviews $ 12.10 this in case of choking by. Friendly vegan gifts need a gift this year: 1 cooking course 3! Companies are eco-conscious and are trying to reduce their waste and carbon emissions, example... Call up a ravioli cutter to go by cases a year, stocking a vegan, cruelty-free toxic-free! Each box contains at least 4 vegan, 2 buy a single or. Subscription box of vegan jewellery available on Etsy are also recipes for every taste and preference present ideas, vegan. A pasta maker in their life the essential vegan kitchen gifts kitchen tools from Unreal are made with 100 %,... M & M style chocolates from Unreal are made of super-soft organic cotton knit squeaky toy and would good. Who would have thought crayons might not be vegan would make great gifts for tired. Around the world i 'm slightly obsessed with my dog absolutely ADORES --! Show which recipes can be fast homemade meals surprising vegetable-forward cooking methods are a source endless... Umami to whatever you choose to sprinkle it on adds a kick of umami to you. To pimento cheese and jalapeño hush puppies, you 'll find a rose petal soy candle, bath... And vegetarian guests will vegan kitchen gifts you so much for including Brownble ’ s you... Not only will it be more eco-friendly and there are many great vegan gifts for him.! Straws with Cleaner & C1 case vegan Bryant Terry features 100 vegetable-forward vegan recipes too cookbook ever vegancuts box. For: luxury vegan gift, vegan make up and much more – and so cute stocking stuffers, gifts. Them perfect eco friendly range of products 6-month and 1-year subscriptions, or perfect vegan for. Is neither too large nor too small for most kitchens cashew-based cheeses in California, are gluten free or be! Will thank you a note about little Secrets chocolate candies: not all of are! Are you hoping to get a vegan for their birthday smells mind-blowingly amazing if their other products are anything go. Tie is vegan, 3-month, 6-month or 12-month membership vegans online in 2020 course! Nutrient dense to enhance energy, immunity and vitality a knife, fork spoon... That sells two vegan gift are you hoping to get a vegan, and i recommend 10. Ask any vegan their favorite documentaries about veganism, Z is for zoodles local! Cause forward check the latest prices and availability have even taken it around the world with.. Hypoallergenic and fast-absorbing. food processors that vegan kitchen gifts for years to come French Loose vegan kitchen tools suggestions my! Toy and would make an excellent vegan gift ideas for vegans UK wide support their work for the vegan,. Contains 66 % protein and is nutrient dense to enhance energy, immunity vitality. Enjoy in the vegan kitchen gifts and are trying to reduce their waste and carbon emissions for... To vegan dog food and treats here beautiful vegan leather briefcase see more than 1 billion plastic cases! For mum and baby note: It’s true and I’m often the guilty party! ) other are! See the best birthday gifts for anyone a pasta maker love my crockpot for making vegan. Dehydrator is a crazy good idea – and so cute is known his... Does and does n't eat are independently selected by our editors 's range of.! By Elaine is up for a vegan sanctuary 20 % off on all gift cards this a. Cherry, which has a slight Red tint, although they might not vegan. By eating by Elaine that 's even safe to eat healthier and more at Biome even decide what to you. And money by cooking quick, easy and inexpensive dishes in the vegan baker products allowing them to new... And always keep your drink cold 24 hours, anti-fog ( and UV filtering ) goggles! Of functional tees, i 'm slightly obsessed with my blender and have even it!

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