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MECA consists of 30+ exhibitors between 11 international galleries; 5 local galleries; 3 special projects; and 8 proposals for emerging artists and independent curators (MECANISMOS) selected through an open call that was evaluated by curators Lizania Cruz & Luis Graham Castillo, all within the main building of the Arsenal de la Marina Española in Old San Juan.


47 Canal

New York City, NY (USA)


Mexico City (Mexico)


Mexico City (Mexico)


New York City, NY (USA)

Bridget Donahue

New York City, NY (USA)

Catinca Tabacaru

Harare (Zimbabwe) + New York, NY (USA)

Chapter NY

New York City, NY (USA)


New York City, NY (USA)


New York City, NY (USA)


San Juan (Puerto Rico)

False Flag

New York City, NY (USA)

Gavin Brown’s Enterprise

New York, NY (USA) + Rome (Italy)

Good Weather

North Little Rock, AR (USA)


New York City, NY (USA)

LatchKey Gallery

New York City, NY (USA)

Mariane Ibrahim

Chicago, IL (USA)

Mendes Wood DM

São Paolo (Brazil) + Brussels (Belgium) + New York City, NY (USA)

Misako & Rosen

Tokyo (Japan)


San Juan (Puerto Rico)

Proyectos Ultravioleta

Guatemala City (Guatemala)


Detroit, MI (USA)

Revolver Galería

Lima (Peru) + Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Samsøñ Projects

Boston, MA (USA)

The Green Gallery

Milwaukee, WI (USA)


Curated by Lizania Cruz & Luis Graham Castillo

MECANISMOS is a platform where emerging galleries, exhibition spaces and venues – for the sale and exposure of contemporary art practices – may present the work of up-and-coming artists who have entered the market after 2010. Proposals were based on a curatorial concept within the context of an art fair. The applications were reviewed by curators Lizania Cruz & Luis Graham Castillo.

The projects selected include proposals by:

Km 0.2

San Juan (Puerto Rico)

Localidad Alterna III:

Presented by Sofía Reeser del Río
Culebra (Puerto Rico)

La Salita

New York City, NY

Jake Scharbach

presented by Aquí Galería
Washington (USA) + Santiago (Chile)

Atomic Culture

Tulsa, OK (USA)

Grau Galería

Lima (Peru)

Jonathan Torres

curated by Eveliina Tuulonen
San Juan (Puerto Rico) + Helsinki (Finland)

Plataforma AB

Puebla (Mexico)

Gabi Pérez-Silver

San Juan (Puerto Rico)

Nivel Freático

performance by La Trinchera
San Juan (Puerto Rico)

Sagrada Mercancía

Santiago (Chile)


MECA Special Projects are a curator/artist led section that features the works of mid-career and established artists. For this third edition, MECA presents three projects:

El Lobi + Taller Malaquita

San Juan (Puerto Rico)


New York City, NY (USA)


New York City, NY (USA)